Welcome to the Nature & Wildlife Discovery Center Mountain Park Campus Low Ropes Challenge Course!

Our low element ropes (no more than two feet off the ground) course is tucked away in a lovely wooded area, and consists of a series obstacles that introduce groups to artificial stressors and challenges in a safe and controlled environment. They are designed to challenge groups and individuals to work together to accomplish tasks. The course objectives are to promote cooperation and group problem-solving skills, as well as, develop individual self-confidence, leadership skills, teamwork, and communication skills as members to work together, problem-solve, build trust, cooperate, and pool resources to find solutions.

The challenge course setting provides an opportunity for groups and individuals to learn about themselves and address personal, interpersonal, and organizational issues. Each team member brings a unique personality and style of communication that contributes to the dynamics of a team. Team members discover how vital individual contributions are to the success of the team. Through guided facilitation and debriefs, participants will have an opportunity to reflect on their team-building adventure and apply their experience to everyday life.

Each of our challenge course programs are customized to meet a group’s specific needs and to address certain themes which they deem important. Your program will be a unique adventure with the potential to induce learning and behavior change on both an individual and group basis.

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