Deadline for Scholarship Applications: May 31st 2017

  • It is our mission to connect children with nature, and as such we believe that money should never be a reason for a child not to attend one of our camps. Therefore, a scholarship to one of MPEC Camps are available to anyone who cannot afford the total fee for camp. The application is easy, confidential and takes into account more than just your income. We promise you’ll get a price that fits your budget and circumstance. We promise that no child will ever be turned away due to financial constraints. Also, if you believe that providing the necessary gear and equipment to go to camp will be an issue, please call us. Arrangements can be made to insure every child has everything they need for camp.

  • Summer Camp Scholarship Guidlines

    *Applicants are evaluated without regard to race, religion, natural origin, sex or physical ability. *Only one scholarship will be given per child. *Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.
  • Summer Camp Scholarship Recipient Requirements:

    1. Submit completed application. 2. If asked, submit further financial documentation demonstrating need. 3.Complete and submit follow-up report (which will be sent to you once your scholarship application has been accepted) and/or letter after Summer Camp.
  • Please Fill Out One Form Per Child

  • Required Family Information

  • Financial Information

  • Please include their name, date of birth, and whether or not they are employed.
    Please check all that apply.
  • I certify that the above information is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I agree to inform MPEC immediately of any change in my income or dependent status. I understand that false information could jeopardize my financial assistance. MPEC reserves the right to inquire of your current financial situation in order to insure that our donor dollars are being allocated in and appropriate manner.

Please make sure that once you have filled out a scholarship application, you to go to the camp of your choice and register to reserve your child’s spot. It is a $10 deposit to reserve your child’s spot. If you receive a full, the $10 deposit will be returned to you. If you receive a partial scholarship, that $10 will go towards the remaining balance.