A Winter Wish for Pueblo Mountain Park

The last blog, which I posted a few weeks ago, asked the question: When will it snow? It took some more waiting, as November came and went without any measurable snow. The answer to that question finally came on Dec 7, when I measured 1.2” of snow, with another 1.3” of new snow the next day. That is the latest first snow of the season as far as I have found in looking at weather records for the last several decades. Dec 17 and 18 brought another 4”, bringing the season snow total to 6.5” to date.


The seasonal average for the park over the past several decades is around 118” of snow. So, we are off to a very dry start of the snow season, after a very dry fall. I do know that things can turn around pretty quick as far as snow totals go. A couple of good-sized storms, lined up just right (like a well-placed Albuquerque Low) can drop lots of white stuff on the Wet Mountains and bring those numbers up pretty quickly.


So, my winter solstice wish this year for the place that I live and work is for several strong, slow-moving Albuquerque Lows to slide across northern New Mexico and upslope lots of deep snow packing a whole lot of moisture.  Once that happens, break out the cross-country skis or snowshoes and experience winter in Pueblo Mountain Park. If you are not into these winter-sports, then put on a few layers, bring a camera, a thermos of hot cocoa, your journal, or a good book and spend some quality time in the winter wonderland that the Mountain Park can be. Come on snow!

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  1. Angela K.

    Absolutely magnificent photos!
    Thank you, Dave,
    Happy Winter to all!
    Angela K.

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