Thanksgiving is a week from tomorrow and we have yet to see our first snow here in the park. Looking back at precipitation data through 1975 (40 years worth of data), I can find one November, 1981, when it did not snow, and one, 2012, when we received only a trace. November ’81 was followed by a December that brought 26″ of snow and a winter that wound up about 15″ below average snowfall. December 2012 saw 16.3″ of snow and that winter’s total was also around 15″ below average (which is around 118″).

One difference – we did not see two major wildfires come within a half mile and four miles of the park in October of 2012, or 1981. In fact, major wildfires happening in the Western US (or the Southeast US this year), which have become a regular part of the news the last few years, were not unheard of in 1981, but they were certainly not a common concern every year like they have become lately.

As I type these words on this mid-November afternoon, it is 71F and rather windy outside. The forecast says there is a 20% chance of rain – totaling less than a tenth of an inch – tomorrow and snow tomorrow night. Will November 2016 be snowless? Time will tell!

Here is a photo of what the woods look like in snow taken last winter – it sure looks nice, doesn’t it?