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Midsummer in Pueblo Mountain Park!

The weeks of summer are certainly slipping by, and the park’s current display of wildflowers only confirm that the summer is indeed aging. Gone are the blossoms of spring beauties, low penstemon, and mountain bladdepod. They have been replaced by hairy golden aster, Kansas gayflower, nodding onion, and stiff goldenrod. nodding onion hairy golden aster

It has been a relatively dry summer so far. June and July both saw less than 2″ of rain, and August is off to a slow start. To be more specific, June’s 1.90″ was followed by 1.82″ in July, and August, as of this morning of the 8th, I’ve measure only 0.27″.  The flow of tropical moisture from points south, known as the monsoon, has been pretty stingy in delivering those summer rains.

The moisture has apparently been enough for several wildflowers to find their way to blossom, as there is a fair amount of wildflower color out there. stiff goldenrodkansas gayfeather









Now in week two of August, the land continues its march towards fall. Hopefully the clouds will deliver a bit more rain (but in doses that the land can handle, please – we had enough flooding a few summers ago to last us awhile) before the turning leaves start adding their earthy colors to the landscape.

sky aug 7

Summer Seems to have Finally Arrived!

After an average winter of snowfall, May arrived with a bit of snow and lots and lots and lots of rain, all to a backdrop of chilly temps. Mid-spring was not turning out to be the warm flowery month we have all come to expect. Yes, the park had a fair share of wildflower species in bloom, but winter’s grip seemed to not want to let go. June arrived with some warmer temps, the faucet of rain turned to moderate, the end of MPEC’s school programs and the start of camps. Yes, summer has finally arrived. Just this morning, the pine woods under the early morning sun were alive with the clicking of cicadas, a sound that was not present just yesterday morning. So, the summer season, with all of its vibrancy and life and activity, is unfolding in Pueblo Mountain Park! Please come on up and enjoy it with us!senecio