After what was likely the driest fall and winter the park has ever experienced, the new spring season has so far brought some very healthy doses of moisture.

With the spring equinox just a couple days past, a rather balmy March 23 brought with it over 3/4″ of moisture – most in the form of rain. A series of rainy and/or wet snowy storms culminated in the April 3-4 storm that  dropped just over 2 feet of snow heavily laden with lots of water. Between March 23 and April 4, a whopping 5.55″ of moisture fell on the parched soils of the Mountain Park.

For comparison, over the six and three quarter months between Sept 1, 2016 and Mar 22, 2017, the park saw a total of only 2.95″ of moisture in the form of modest snow and some rain showers. 

The season’s snow total is up to 59.0″ – exactly 50% of the average 118″ – still very low, but improving. The park is a whole lot wetter than it was a couple weeks ago, with an increased water supply and decreased fire danger. I hope that this wet pattern continues. I do think that the park’s spring wildflower display is going to be a whole lot better than it was looking to be a couple of weeks ago.  ~ Ranger Dave