When I think back on Trick-or-treating in Beulah with my kids back in the 80s, it was pretty much a given that there would be some snowy/slippery places to watch out for. Usually by Halloween, Beulah would have seen its first snow. As October 2016 is well into its second week, and the temps are predicted to be in the 70s for the next few days, I am wondering – will it snow in October this year?

            So, I dug up the precipitation data that I have for Beulah that I have been keeping for the last several years, along with data that others have kept for the park, to see what the last several Octobers have looked like. Looking back at the last twenty-five Octobers, sixteen of them saw snow, while nine didn’t. For the sixteen years that did see snow, it has ranged from around an inch or two (2012, 2008, 1994) to 30.3” in 2009. Other relatively significant snowy Octobers were 1996 (16.5”), 1993 (17”) and 1991 (22”).

aster in snow

Based on this data, there is about a 2 in 3 chance that it will snow in October. The last two years have seen no snow in October here in the park. Does that mean we are due for a snow or two this October?