Frequently Asked Questions

What is the altitude of your facility? The lodge site at around 6600’; the highest point in the park is the fire tower at 7400’.

How far is MPEC from Pueblo? 26 miles (an easy drive, almost all of it on flat and straight, except the last three miles or so, when you have dropped down into the mountains).

How far from Colorado Springs? Around 70 miles.

How big is the park? 611 acres

How close are the hiking trails to the lodge? The nearest trailhead is about a third of a mile walk along a short trail and a section of little-used gravel road. Or you can drive to the trailheads in a few short minutes.

Can you snowshoe of cross-country ski in the park? Yes, when the snows arrive (not always easy to predict), the park offers wonderful opportunities for these winter experiences.

Do you take dogs for overnight stays? Sorry, but we do not. Since we are a small non-profit we don’t have the cleaning staff to accomodate pet stays.

Are you a non-smoking facility? Yes, the Horseshoe Lodge and surrounding campus is smoke-free but there is a designated smoking area near the parking lot. We do remind all visitors to be very careful while smoking due to high fire danger.

What is the weather like? In January, the average high is 46F, average low is 16F; April: 65F average high, 33F average low; July: 89F average high, 58F average low; October: 69F average high, 35F average low. Winters can be snowy, but not always; winter average snowfall over the last 20 years is 118” – but much of it often melts before the next snowfall due to the relatively low altitude (relative to the rest of Colorado). Summer afternoons often bring thunderstorms. Autumn is a delightful time with the changing oak leaves; best wildflower month is usually May.