It’s no secret that our facility has lots to offer those who like to travel by our species’ most original mode of transportation, namely, by foot. Walking, sauntering, running, hiking, snowshoeing – if you like to do one or more of these, then the park’s 3 miles of roads and 6 miles of trails are here for you. We also have a place for those who are attracted to an easier or more contemplative style of walking. In a quiet corner of the Horseshoe Lodge’s front yard, MPEC’s Bluebird Labyrinth is ready for your gentle steps. It is so named because of the many bluebirds that frequent that area.

A labyrinth, in case you are wondering, is a circular path with its roots in numerous ancient cultures. Going back several thousand years, labyrinths can be found in Greek, Roman, Native American (both North and South America), Egyptian, and Asian cultures. Unlike a maze, which has choices and is more puzzle-like, a labyrinth has only one circular path that winds and spirals to a center and then back out again.

Walking a labyrinth can be used for inspiring awareness, introspection, relaxation, reflection and imagination. Some see a labyrinth walk, with its twists and turns, as a metaphor for a journey into one’s own deep center and then returning to the outer world with a deeper understanding of one’s self. Others walk the labyrinth as a form of meditation, while some simply use a labyrinth as a place for an easy and relaxing walk where they slow down and enjoy the beauty of the natural world.


Fire Circle

fire circle mountain park environmental centerThere is nothing quite like sitting by a cozy campfire beneath towering and majestic ponderosa pines. And once the sun slides far enough below the park’s mountainous western horizon, around a billion stars shine so bright in skies so dark and air so clean you can almost touch them.

Guests at the Horseshoe Lodge get to enjoy all of this in our beautiful fire circle located in the expansive front yard of the Lodge. Five split log benches built with native stone piers, graced with lovely ceramic plates of local fauna and flora made by local artists, make the Horseshoe Lodge Fire Circle a very special place.

We only burn wood sustainably harvested from our local forests, which makes the wood smoke smell even better.When you’ve had your fill of sitting around the evening campfire, just a few steps and you’ll be back in the Horseshoe Lodge, where your cozy room with the most comfortable bed will lull you into a wonderful night’s sleep.



Mountain Park Environmental Center Fire Circle Benches

fire circle benches mountain park environmental centerBecause of historical funding, the design for benches had to be simplified so as to not impact the existing architecture. Designed by CSU-Pueblo Art Professior Maya Avina, the benches were embellished by hand-made clay tiles with local flora and fauna designs.  Read more about the construction process here.