The West Wing Fireplace Room

Nestled discretely along the West Wing hallway is this cozy fireplace “breakout” room. This unique space is perfect for families to make their plans for a day of hiking or other park adventures. It’s a great place to meet new friends also staying at the Horseshoe Lodge.  Plush seating provides a comfortable experience and a gas fireplace is available for those chilly nights.  The space is easily accessed from all the guests rooms in the West Wing and adds another pleasant component of the Mountain Park experience.  A phone to contact the park caretaker is also provided in this space, along with Nature books and checkers.


Arthur’s Kitchen

Centrally located to all areas of the lodge is our Dining Room.  The lower level provides a beautiful dining experience where guests can enjoy delicious, wholesome meals provided by our full service kitchen.  As the aroma of healthy foods fills the air, guests can view our wonderfully informative Dining Rrea decor that educates and fascinates at the same time.  Inquire about setting up art or other breakout sessions in the Dining Room if extra space is needed for your group.


Porch Rocking On the West Wing

West Wing PorchOur guests delight in the old-fashioned activity of “porch rocking”. Lined with beautiful wooden rockers, the porch becomes a place to bird watch, read, talk with friends or just be. Even in winter there seems to be enough protection from the elements to enjoy some time each day to experience the solitude and comfort of a rocking session.




Bear Breakout Room  

bear breakout room empty bear breakout room table bearquiltleemillerThe Bear Breakout Room is designed with lovely bear art and located at the west end of Arthur’s Kitchen. It is a perfect gathering place for smaller groups to hold meetings, trainings or discussion groups. It also serves as the room where overnight bed and breakfast guests help themselves to a delectable continental breakfast.  Stocked full with a selection of herbal teas, fresh fruit and homemade goodies, MPEC’s signature pumpkin granola and other cereals, this area is a place for gathering, eating and relaxing at any time of the day or night. If you come with a group rental, your participants can gather here to work on projects, have breakout sessions and more. The coffee and tea pot is always available. We are proud to offer you this intimate and cozy space.

Outdoor Covered Park Picnic Sites

picnic shelter

Pueblo Mountain Park has two covered picnic areas for four season picnics – one includes a fireplace to warm your outdoor gatherings. These are available on a first come – first serve basis and are located close to the Lodge.