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MPEC sends out its newsletter, Mountain Park News, to nearly 1000 households and businesses four times a year, including to our 600 members. We also distribute several hundred newsletters at designated locations throughout the area. MPEC reaches thousands of kids each year with programs designed to empower Pueblo’s youth and create leadership for Pueblo’s future. MPEC’s guided hikes, workshops, retreats and other programs draw in over 1,000 adults from throughout Pueblo County and beyond. MPEC’s recent renovation of the historic Horseshoe Lodge has created a vibrant Retreat and Education Center that brings in people from throughout the Pueblo area, Colorado, and increasingly from throughout the United States.

MPEC members have always been our most important asset, both for their support and their requests that shape our adult programs. Look closely at MPEC members and you will find the vast majority are successful, community oriented individuals — each of whom have expressed a deep commitment to Pueblo and Nature by donating time and money to our programs and by attending our programs. Business membership in MPEC represents an exceptional way to reach these motivated individuals, improve the image of your business as an institution, and get a return on your investment.

Unlike traditional advertisements, business membership in MPEC represents a distinctive value, able to generate favorable opinions about and greater name recognition of your business. Business members benefit from the exceptional promotional value of their donation and something more – a valued perception created in the minds of MPEC members and program participants. Your message will reach MPEC members and participants at a time when they are especially receptive. Your business’ membership in MPEC is a unique way to wear your community values “on your sleeve.” The community at large will understand that your business cares about the development of Pueblo’s youth and about our society’s balance with Nature.

MPEC offers a competitive rate with ordinary advertising venues and unique value-added opportunities that can help your advertising budget work its hardest to generate awareness and a favorable image for your business. Regular membership can create increased response rates from your key target markets. Your membership in MPEC affords your business the kind of favorable, long-term public relations value that is based on the credibility gained by supporting a popular, local, non-profit that cares for our community.

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